Peregrine chicks hatch at Leamington Town Hall

A PAIR of peregrine falcons nesting on Leamington Town Hall have welcomed four new arrivals.

Four white fluffy peregrine chicks have hatched in the nest after the eggs were laid back in March.

And a competition has been launched to name them.

Peregrine falcons are among the fastest animals on the planet, reaching flight speeds of 200 miles per hour during their dramatic aerial dives.

Due to historic persecution the peregrine falcon was once rare in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, with fewer than 2,000 breeding pairs estimated across the UK.

In recent years the species has made a comeback, and in 2017 a pair of peregrines began nesting in the Grade II listed Leamington Town Hall, using a nest box provided by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Leamington Town Council, and Warwick District Council.

Three live webcams offer unique views of the nesting pair as they lay eggs, feed their chicks and teach them essential falcon skills like soaring from precipitous ledges and hunting their prey.

This year’s hatching was again captured on Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s live-cams, which will continue rolling 24/7 as the chicks grow.

And WWT is holding a naming competition where the public can submit ideas to name the four chicks – three of which are female and one male.

The chosen names will be revealed at Peregrine Watch LIVE on Saturday June 8 in Leamington.

Members of the public can attend to learn more about these incredible birds and perhaps see the chicks fledge.

Held at Regent Grove between 10am and 3pm, the free session will allow a closer view of the peregrines through a provided telescope.