Cook Street Gate

Forming part of the old Coventry wall, Cook Street Gate can be found at the very top of Lady Herbert's Garden and looks out across Chauntry Place.

Cook Street Gate

The construction of this gate began in the early C14 and was completed later that century following a licence to crenellate in 1363.

If you look at the top of the gates you may notice that the battlements look like they have been restored or added recently - in fact these were built around 1931-32. As you pass through the gate, if you look up, you will see an exquisite wooden carving of the Coventry emblem inside.

Inappropriate historic repairs, vulnerability to vehicle damage and stone erosion are all issues.

The gatehouse is due to be transferred from Coventry City Council to Historic Coventry Trust as part of a heritage partnership to address the repair and re-use of heritage assets that are no longer of strategic value to the City Council.

Cook Street Gate, Cook St, Coventry CV1 1RA, United Kingdom
Open 24 hours