Activities and Family Activities in Coventry

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If you want to experience thrill-seeking entertainment, take part in regular exercise classes or compete in popular sports, Coventry offers a host of sports activity centres for all ages. From bowling to football, rugby to swimming and golf to karting.

Kids & Family Activities, Playgrounds in Coventry

Kids & Family Activities

Coventry have great places for children to have fun and exercise in a clean, safe and friendly environment. The indoor soft play areas are packed with adventure.
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Boxing & Martial Arts in Coventry

Boxing & Martial Arts

Martial Arts Academy offers quality martial arts instruction whether you want to train to fight or just to improve your fitness levels. Coventry Martial Arts are offering Self defence and fitness classes in the Coventry area.

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Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and Canoeing clubs in Coventry offer paddling facilities for beginners and experienced paddlers, from age 7 to 97. It is best for beginners to start in the warmer weather.

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Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

If you are a Golf enthusiast, Coventry is the perfect location for you with a variety of golf clubs, surrounded by rolling hills and ancient forests.
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Boating & Cruises, River cruising in Coventry

Boating & Cruises

Cruise in the heart of England waterways on luxury boats, available to rent for short breaks and day hire in Coventry
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Fun Activities & Games Coventry

Fun Activities & Games

Explore the various fun and entertainment activities in Coventry. With a team of 2-7 people, you have to solve various puzzles in 60 minutes, crack codes and discover the secrets of the rooms, Fun Activities & Games in Coventry.
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