New school for disadvantaged young people set to open

The planned Nuneaton school is designed to help youngsters back into full-time education, employment or training

A new school for disadvantaged young people is set to open in Nuneaton. The Positive Impact Group wants to open its latest school at Witherley House in Hazell Way.

The group has applied for permission to change the use of the building to a state-funded school. If given the go-ahead, it would be the latest Positive Impact Academy, with one already running in Coventry.

The firm was set up as an alternative education provider for students. The Positive Impact Academy says it aims to helping students re-engage within education and supporting them achieve positive post-16 destinations.

In the application, the firm states: “The Positive Impact Group has been actively involved in community development initiatives, and we have identified a pressing need to establish an educational facility aimed at assisting disadvantaged young people in our region. Our vision is to create a space where these individuals can access quality education, mentorship programs, and various support services to empower them towards a brighter future.

“Our organisation is committed to contributing to the betterment of Warwickshire by addressing the educational challenges faced by young people who may not have access to adequate resources. We firmly believe that investing in the education of our youth is an essential step towards building a stronger and more resilient community.

“To ensure the success of our educational programs, we have identified the building on Hazell Way, Nuneaton, as an ideal facility due to its ideal location and size. However, we understand that the current use of the building is designated for business purposes.

“Therefore, we are applying for permission to change its use to education, aligning with our mission to support the disadvantaged youth of Warwickshire.” Planning permission is needed for the school.