Heat-seeking drone finds two missing puppies huddling under a tree

Drone pilot John Watton was alerted to the missing cocker spaniels which slipped their leads on Sunday (31/3) afternoon

Drone technology came to the rescue of two lost pups. John Watton, a drone enthusiast, was sought out for help when a pair of cocker spaniel puppies went missing on Sunday (March 31) afternoon in the Warwickshire countryside.

The distressed owner had spent over six hours searching for her beloved pets before she decided to appeal to John on Facebook. Little did she know that John, 50, would not only launch his drone but also utilise thermal imaging to seek out her precious pooches.

In just 15 minutes, the heat sensors of his drone picked up the warmth of the pups nestled under a tree. With the exact location relayed by John, their relieved owner sped across the field to be reunited with her cuddle-loving companions.

John shared: “A local dog owner messaged me asking for drone assistance on Sunday. Her puppies had both been missing for approximately six hours and it was getting dark.”

“I headed over and within 15 minutes the drone located both dogs sat hiding away underneath trees together. The owner and her friend were with me and I showed them on the map and screen exactly where they were.”

“The drone kept an eye on things while they both followed the drone and located the two pups. It’s incredible how fast a search can be carried out using the drone’s thermal imaging capability. I’m relieved it was a happy ending.”