Job Shop colleagues raise £345 in memory of late Job Coach and friend

This is a photo of six people stood in front of the Job Shop. The words 'Job Shop' from the front of the building can be seen behind them. In the photo Job Shop staff are presenting one person from Myton Hospice with a large cheque that is money raised.
Job Shop staff presenting Martin Watts, Corporate Fundraiser for Myton, with a large cheque in memory of Roy Cadman.

Job Shop coaches at Coventry City Council recently raised £345 for the Myton Hospices in memory of their colleague and friend, Roy Cadman, who sadly passed away this year.

Members of the team presented the cheque to Martin Watts, Corporate Fundraiser for Myton, on Wednesday 22 November, in support of all their good work in providing comfort to those under their care.

Martin said “We are so grateful to everyone at the Job Shop for their efforts in giving such a generous donation to Myton in memory of Roy Cadman. Roy must have been a special person for his colleagues to raise so much money for us in his memory.

“I can promise that we will honour Roy by making sure that this donation is used to continue the outstanding care that our wonderful team gives to our patients and their families”.

Roy was a valued member of the Job Shop team. His work ethic and dedication to his role has not gone unnoticed as shown from the responses by all who worked with Roy and met him whilst he worked at the Job Shop.

Roy’s role as a Job Coach focused on working with clients that required ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) where he ensured that they were signposted to the right provision, alongside providing support to those that required it to get into employment.

Roy dedicated 26 years to the Navy and was promoted to Petty Officer shortly before his passing. He loved his role in the Job Shop and looked forward to seeing his clients and colleagues face-to-face and was well known for bringing in snacks and treats to share amongst them all.

Cara Evans, Employment Link Officer at the Job Shop said: “Roy, I am not sure where to start. When I started this role with Connect2AES, I wasn’t very confident in my abilities to manage a team, nor in my knowledge of the Adult Education service, but you took me under your wing.

“I will never be able to put into words how much impact you have had on the lives of the customers that have come into the Job Shop looking for support with their English.

“From the first time you shared with me your diagnosis to this very moment, our work relationship has developed into a friendship in the most difficult of circumstances. Despite this, I have learnt from you everyday, and will continue to learn from the work you have done. Your kindness, I will always remember. Thank you Roy. For everything, especially your friendship”.

Published: Wednesday, 22nd November 2023

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