Couple to decorate driveway shark for Christmas

A couple who put a shark sculpture in their driveway say they will decorate it for Christmas after it became a local landmark

Kim and Gary Peake said the replica brought smiles to neighbours in Earlsdon, Coventry, and it would now be decorated for the festive season.

The shark was installed just before Halloween and was only meant to stay for that event but the couple said residents in the area told them to keep it up.

Mrs Peake said: “We’re going to get him a Christmas hat and decorate him up… everyone needs a festive shark!”

“We’ve had people – grandparents and parents – saying [the shark] is the highlight of their walk.”

Mr Peake got the shark after he contacted the owners of a local home and garden centre that closed down.

His wife said: “[He’s] been after it for a while and he didn’t tell me. He wanted to drive my truck that day… and then he said ‘we’re picking the shark up!’

“We got lots of funny looks from cars as we drove home.”

One neighbour described the sculpture as “kind of interesting” to BBC CWR and “very Earlsdon”.

“I’m under pressure now, I’ll have to make sure it’s really well decorated – I was only going to put the hat on but maybe we’ll get him some lights as well,” Mrs Peake said.