Enter the Luminarium this Easter

A graphic that shows the luminarium

People are invited to enter a world full of dazzling and enchanting views when a Luminarium is installed in the centre of Coventry this April.

The mind-bending structure will be taking over Broadgate during Easter half-term and will offer both adults and children a transformative sensory experience unlike anything they have felt before.

The Luminarium will be open for visitors from Friday 15 April to Sunday 24 April. Visitors are encouraged to share their photos from the event by using the hashtag #CovLuminarium.

Created by artists Architects of Air, Luminariums are sculptures where people can enter and engage with the concept of light. There are seven distinct Luminariums and the one coming to Broadgate is called Albesila.

The Albesila Luminarium is a maze of 27 egg-shaped domes each offering a mesmerising kaleidoscope of sounds, colours and shapes. This all builds to a crescendo in the expansive Main Dome where it all knits together to create a constellation of stars spiralling upward to the heavens.

Standard tickets to enter the Luminarium are £4 and can be booked now on the Assembly Festival Garden’s website.  A concessionary price of £2 is also available.

Andy Williams, Director for Business, Investment and Culture at Coventry City Council, said:

“We are always aiming to bring exciting, diverse events to Coventry and the Luminarium is certainly that. Just looking at the pictures of the structure, I can tell that it’s going to offer people a unique and beautiful experience.

“This is set to be a fantastic event for adults and children alike. So, I would encourage everyone to get their tickets and enter the Luminarium this Easter half-term.”

The Luminarium is just one event that’s happening in the city this half-term. Families are also encouraged to take part in the Medieval Knight’s Quest which is taking place from 23 – 24 April. This free colourful public art trail will allow families to embark on an epic quest that winds around the city centre. More information, including the downloadable trail map, can be found at www.coventry.gov.uk/stgeorges

For more details about all the events happening in Easter, please visit www.coventry.gov.uk/events

To buy tickets for the Luminarium, please visit the Assembly Festival Garden’s website.

Published: Monday, 11th April 2022

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