World’s first Bluey-themed hotel rooms to open at the CBeebies Land Hotel in Alton Towers.

World’s first Bluey-themed hotel rooms to open 90 minutes from Coventry

The kids are going to love this. The world’s first Bluey-themed hotel bedrooms are about to open at the CBeebies Land Hotel in Alton Towers. The rooms were revealed by the theme park bosses today, Thursday, March 14.

Bluey and her sister Bingo will start appearing at the resort from March 23 – and that will be just in time for the new rooms’ launch. Bluey is currently the top show on CBeebies, and follows the Aussie dog and her family’s adventures.

Now we can all get to know her even better by booking a stay in these rooms at the CBeebies Land Hotel 85 minutes from Coventry. Prices start at £77 per person per night, and the rooms will be available from May 25, 2024.

CBeebies Land Hotel already has several other themes to delight fans of kids’ TV. These include Bing, Postman Pat, In the Night Garden, Octonauts and Something Special.

Images issued today show the colourful rooms will feature elements from the popular Emmy and BAFTA award-winning animated TV series. They will be able to sleep up to 5 guests (2 adults, 3 children), reports the Manchester Evening News.

The news comes just weeks after the resort announced the introduction of Bluey and little sister Bingo to its entertainment line-up. Now, fans will be able to meet Bluey and Bingo each day in an area of the theme park dedicated to CBeebies, which also celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

“We’re delighted to mark CBeebies Land’s 10th anniversary with the introduction of Bluey and Bingo,” said Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort. “As a destination dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for families, CBeebies Land remains committed to delivering magical experiences that captivate the imagination and inspire laughter.”

Natasha Spence, Head of Attractions Live Events at BBC Studios, said: “We are thrilled to be bringing Bluey and Bingo to CBeebies Land. This will be the first time visitors can experience meet and greets with Bluey and her sister at the Resort, so it will be a very special experience.

“The Bluey themed hotel rooms are incredibly exciting too and we’re sure they will be a very popular addition to what is already a fantastic selection of themed hotel rooms at CBeebies Land Hotel.”