Tributes to Coventry woman who devoted her life to the Sky Blues

Tributes have been paid to a ‘devoted’ Sky Blues fan who lived in Coventry. Hazel Mills died over Christmas at the age of 92.

Hazel Mills, from Whoberley, was a lifelong supporter of Coventry City FC. She spent many happy years watching her beloved Sky Blues with her husband before he died.

Now people are remembering what a special lady Hazel was. Dave Kay, of the Mad Hatters, was introduced to her after responding to a post online that appealed for someone to take her to watch Coventry City FC. She was unable to attend games due to mobility issues which Dave said made her feel ‘really hurt.

Dave said the post ‘pulled at his heartstrings’ so he decided to take her along and she became something of a lucky charm for the Sky Blues. Hazel said at the time that being given the chance to go was ‘fantastic.’

Speaking to CoventryLive, Dave, 69, said: “We took her and she was absolutely over the moon, she could not believe it, and we won. Anyway I took her a second time and we won again, and I took her a third time and we won again! Everyone kept saying bring her every week.”

Remembering Hazel, Dave said: “She was a lovely lady, and even in her last months, she was still the same as she was when I first met her! She was feisty and had lots to say about lots of things. It was just a shame that her health prevented her from doing what she really wanted to do.”

He added: “She did not pull any punches, and she let you know what she thought! I will never forget her, I loved her to bits and I am just so glad that I found this fellow Coventry City fan.”

Friend Ashley Walton said: “I agreed to have the privilege to escort her to three matches and she loved every minute. She had a cheeky disposition and did not hold back with her comments!”

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