Real experiences tell story of Adult Social Care

Published Wednesday, 07 October 2020

The real experiences of Coventry residents demonstrate the breadth of support provided by Adult Services.

The front page of the reports

The Service’s annual report has been produced and will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet on October 13.

While the report, also known as the local account, covers the first month of COVID-19 restrictions in March, it also focuses on how Adult Services met its pledge to support people to live independently where possible while ensuring they have the right practical help for their specific needs during the rest of 2019/20.

It contains a wealth of information and statistics, but importantly highlights real-life stories to give examples of how it meets people’s needs.

For example, when William had to go into hospital he was worried as his wife Joyce has dementia, he is her main carer, and his daughter couldn’t look after her as she was shielding. The report tells how emergency support for Joyce was put in place meaning she could stay in her home and William could get his treatment.

Mark began working with the Visual and Hearing Impairment team when his eye condition worsened and his vision began to deteriorate. He learnt new cane skills, his confidence grew and now he is going to the gym by himself.

And the report also hears from Molly who tells her story about becoming a Shared Lives Carer. The Shared Lives Team got an Outstanding rating from the Care Quality Commission this year.

Molly said: “’I find my role as a Shared Lives Carer so rewarding, I have seen the people I support become happy confident individuals, they make choices about their lives (sometimes with the support of others), it feels good to offer others the opportunity
to live a family life.”

Cllr Mal Mutton, Cabinet Member for Adult Services, said in the report: “In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the most significant and tragic health crisis in living memory, I am immensely proud that council colleagues, care providers and their care staff have not only risen to the challenge but have truly gone above and beyond in the interests of the people they work to support.

“It is not unusual for people who work in social care to see their roles as more of a vocation than a job and often when asked why they go to work; the resounding answer is ‘to make a difference’. I can say without a doubt that this year, more than ever, a difference has been made.

“This report contains stories demonstrating this, along with key information on our performance and resources. Whilst there are in fact far too many examples of incredible work happening across social care for me to list here, I want to take the opportunity here to record my heartfelt thanks for the hard work, perseverance, compassion, humanity and dedication that means so much to so many residents of Coventry, I along with many am truly grateful.”

The full report can be read online on this website.

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