Own Your Space – a COVID-19 health message for young people by young people

Published Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Teenagers from across the city have created a video to stress the importance of young people following COVID-19 safety messages.


The two-minute digital creation is the result of a partnership between the Positive Youth Foundation and the Council.

It was created in response to feedback that many teenagers felt that national advice was often too confusing to understand. Many felt that the Government’s current COVID-19 messaging is ‘too posh’, ‘clinical’ and sometimes ‘too scary’ which led to the Council asking the young people to create their own content to reach other young people in the city. 

The result was ‘Own Your Space’ which was put together entirely from the thoughts and ideas of the young people involved at Positive Youth Foundation. 

The Council helped support production but did not give any suggestions around how it should be told or look.  

COVID-19 is still a significant threat to our city, and it is more important than ever to play our part to contain the spread of the highly contagious virus. Although the majority of Coventry residents are following guidelines and regulations, everyone needs to play their part in protecting each other.

Young people have a key role to play in living and containing with COVID-19 and it’s important they understand what is expected of them. Own Your Space will allow younger people to understand the importance of continuing to follow the national advice, including washing hands, social distancing and wearing a face covering when required, in a way that is relevant and appealing to them. 

Andrew Jack, Trustee and Chair at Positive Youth Foundation, said: “It’s brilliant to see young people stepping forward and leading by example. The messages in this video clearly show us how much they care about the health and safety of their peers and family.

“The National Lottery Community Fund has supported The Positive Youth Foundation for the past four years and hopefully projects like this will show how that support is helping young people to make a difference in the community.”

The editorial team of young people has worked incredibly hard to come up with an innovative way to portray a youth-focused COVID-19 health message video. 

Tanzila Shaikh, Youth Advisory Board Chair at Positive Youth Foundation, said: “A lot of young people are feeling lost and confused about the messages out there, so we wanted to make a simple video that’s relatable and shows that it doesn’t take much effort for us to be safe.” 

Leader of the Council, Councillor George Duggins, added: “Positive Youth Foundation can reach young people and key communities in a way the Council can’t. 

“They are committed to supporting young people in Coventry and have shown they can do just that through this video. 

“The dedication of the young team that put this video together and their support to want to help and educate other young people in the city during this challenging time is truly commendable.”

Own Your Space is just the start. There are plans to create more videos around what young people need to know about COVID-19 and the team is keen to start exploring how it can continue to connect with the city’s youth. 

Watch the full-length video

Find the latest rules and advice for COVID-19.

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