One of the worst sites in Coventry for fly tipping is cleared

Published Monday, 13 September 2021

Citizen has partnered with Coventry City Council and West Midlands Fire and Rescue to clear one of the most fly tipped areas in Coventry.

Wood end fly tipping

As part of the project at Lillington Road and Wexford Road Citizen also engaged with customers to help cease dumping at the site, which is a consistent issue.

An event was held last month to clear up rubbish at the site, and Coventry City Council’s waste team agreed to provide a skip for bulk waste dumped on Citizen land to then take away to dispose of.

Waste Enforcement at the Council and the fire service also spoke to Citizen customers and door knocked in the area to highlight the problems that arise from dumping waste.

Estates Services Manager at Citizen, Claire Tumelty, said: “This is a joint initiative as part of our ongoing project with Coventry City Council to tackle fly tipping and the dumping of waste in our communities.

“We are all working together to stop dumping in this area and are educating people living in the area about appropriate disposal of waste. We have also highlighted that this is an offence and can lead to significant fines and actions.

“We want this to be a lovely place to live and we want to support our customers to make this the case.”

The fire service is involved with the project due to a serious ongoing fire risk from the rubbish, and the Council Street Enforcement team are tackling the dumping of rubbish from people who don’t live in the area.

Claire added: “We’ve seen business vans pulling up and dumping building waste in this area so they can avoid correct disposal and charges. We have liaised with various organisations to progress enforcement action on specific vehicles and companies.

“Our Bulk Removal team and the Council Waste Team did an excellent job of clearing the rubbish at this event, which is really important to our customers and people living in the community.

“We now want to ensure we do not continue to have these issues.”

Director of Maintenance Operations at Citizen, Steve Kirk, said: “This event was a real team effort, and everyone involved worked really hard to get the area cleared up of rubbish.

“It’s so important that we work together to tackle the fly tipping and dumping of rubbish in the area. When we turned up the car park wasn’t useable, and it was really distressing for local residents.

“We are hoping that this team approach will mean this area is kept tidy and clear for our customers.”

Councillor Pat Seaman from Coventry City Council, a local ward cllr in the neighbourhood, attended the event. She said: “The event went really well, and many residents engaged with us.

“We have all worked together to tidy the area and I am sure everyone is relieved that the area is now clear.

“It’s so important that we all work together on an action plan to make sure the area is kept clear.”

Coventry City Council