Labradoodle dog to become dad on Valentine’s Day after finding love

A labradoodle named Gershwin is set to become a dad for the third time on Valentine’s Day, despite his previous struggles in love. The five-year-old guide dog from Leamington Spa, has been dubbed a stud by Guide Dogs staff, but hasn’t had much luck in his love life.

Gershwin, who is part of the Guide Dogs breeding programme, has successfully wooed his Labrador partner, Bella. They’re expecting at least 10 puppies to arrive on Wednesday, February 14, marking his third litter.

Despite only having three successful dates in his four-year career, which is less than the average for guide dogs, Gershwin has now been promoted to top poodle position after the charity’s previous poodle retired. It’s hoped he’ll continue to sire more litters in the future.

Labradoodles makeup just 2% of the working guide dog population, according to Guide Dogs. Gershwin is currently the only labradoodle in the breeding programme.

Lucy Parkes, a breeding dog volunteer, said seeing Gershwin was “love at first sight”. Ms Parkes, who has cared for Gershwin since he was 18 months old, added: “Gershwin is very good looking, but I know I’m biased.

“He’s different to other dogs, in that he is unique. I’ve never met another dog like him.” She also hopes Gershwin’s love life improves and helps provide more puppies for the charity.

She added: “He won’t have a lot of mating opportunities as only so many labradoodles are produced each year. He’s very well looked after.

“He lives with me permanently and he has regular fertility tests, a prostate scan, an eye test and so on. I love being a Breeding Dog Volunteer. It’s a great way to have a dog because of all the excellent support you have.”

“Hopefully Gershwin will have a long and successful future providing puppies to help people with sight loss,” she concluded. Gershwin joined the charity’s breeding programme in 2020 after being part of a guide dog school in Canada.

Guide Dogs, which typically trains Labradors, golden retrievers, German shepherds and other cross breeds, is training more labradoodles in hopes that combining the strengths from poodles and Labradors will produce an effective guide dog.