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Boating in Coventry

If you’re looking for a truly unique day out for all the family, you can’t beat the Coventry Transport Museum. In the heart of Coventry city centre, this huge Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of British road transport in public ownership. You’ll discover the stories behind the people who made Coventry the centre of the world’s motor and cycle industries, and get up close and personal with the actual vehicles that defined some of history’s most important moments. The Museum is laid out as a journey through time – you’ll wander 19th Century streets and discover the first bicycles, carriages and cars, then explore the first car factories and gasp as you witness their wartime destruction in the Blitz Experience. Moving through the rise and fall of the city’s largest industry, you will come face to face with the world’s fastest car – Thrust SSC. Nowhere else on Earth will you find such a unique experience for the whole family.