Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge returns with cultural twist

Published Friday, 24 September 2021

The Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge is back and this time it has a cultural twist. The Challenge will once again offer Coventry schools the opportunity to stay active and win bespoke awards for their school.

A graphic that says 'Go Parks: Active schools challenge 1-31 October 2031. The image is of stylised characters engaging in outdoor activities such as gymnastic and running

In February, the Challenge had almost 29,000 entries with over 100 schools taking part in the four-week race for schools to get the most Go Parks points.  

The Challenge will this time have a cultural theme, celebrating Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021 title. 

Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge – City of Culture Special is open to all Coventry residents to enter and will start in just one week, on 1 October for the duration of the month. 

Schools will be in competition to gain the most points in order to win fantastic prizes. 

The City of Culture Special will require all entrants to be a Go CV member, which will enable them to place votes more easily, with a new entry process using the Go CV online platform that was trialled successfully in July. 

Those that are not a Go CV member can sign up quickly and easily online, via the Go CV website

The free-to-enter challenge is in partnership with Coventry East and West School Games organisers who host sport and physical activity competitions across Coventry’s schools. 

Culture Coventry – operated by CV Life, Coventry Cultural Education Partnership (CCEP) and Coventry City of Culture Trust are also working with the Go Parks team to deliver cultural activities throughout the Challenge.  

Schools will provide pupils with the Go Parks activities and challenges to get active along with encouraging them to visit the QR codes with their friends and families to scan and therefore gain points for their schools.  

To enter, simply look out for a Go Parks banner or poster, scan the QR code and log-in to your Go CV account. 

QR code banners and posters can be found in more than 50 parks and cultural locations around the city. Each scan of a QR code equates to 10 points that can be awarded to your school. 

Participating parks and venues include Edgwick Park, Jardine Crescent Play Area, Coventry Transport Museum and Coventry Cathedral. 

Cllr Kamran Caan, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Sport, said: “The Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge – City of Culture Special is going to be brilliant for the young students and families of all abilities in the city.  

“I love that we are incorporating the cultural element into the Challenge this time. Families will be getting active, using our green spaces and parks and visiting cultural venues in the city – all for free.  

“This Challenge is the perfect way to get residents moving, give them an element of friendly competition and it’s another way to experience culture in our city. It’s perfect for the health and wellbeing of Coventry. Don’t forget to sign up to Go CV so you can get stuck in straight away too. What’s even better about incorporating Go CV into the Challenge, is once it’s is over, you will still be able to use your Go CV membership to access the exclusive offers and discounts in the city that the card brings. 

“It’s so easy to get involved, all you do is scan the QR code, login to Go CV and choose which school to allocate your points to. I look forward to seeing as many people enjoy this as they did in February.” 

 School Games Organisers from Coventry East and West, Stuart Davoile and Danny Kingham, added: “We are really happy to be working with the Go Parks team on the Active Schools Challenge again.  

“It’s great to see the Challenge employing new themes with the cultural element and will demonstrate that the Challenge is versatile and can be adapted to any theme. 

“The City of Culture Special presents great ways to enjoy the health and well-being benefits of outdoor exercise along with enjoying the city’s cultural venues and activities on offer, all while supporting Coventry’s schools.” 

All Coventry residents can take part and vote for a school of their choice. 

Registered Go CV members can submit entries and scan the QR code. Only members over 13 years old can log in. Anyone that is an owner of a family group can submit entries on behalf of other members in that group. 

Votes can be placed for the same school more than once per day but must be from different parks or cultural venues. Votes may be placed for multiple schools on the same day for those with children in different schools.  

Entries close at 11.59pm on 31 October 2021.  

Find out more about the challenge on the Go Parks website.  

For further information about ‘Go’ projects and to sign up for Go CV, visit the Go CV website.  

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