Could you volunteer for Coventry’s new Dementia Hub?

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Coventry Dementia Partnership Hub opens in late July, and they are looking for volunteers to support the daily running of the hub and people living with dementia.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and enjoy being part of a supportive team, this volunteering opportunity could be for you!

The hub is looking for volunteers to support with a variety of things;

  • Driving: To support people in attending the hub.
  • Activities: Share hobbies or lead and support group activities to help others also interested in the same hobby. Your hobby could be anything, like dominoes, card making or gardening!
  • Events: Help promote the hub by helping us to staff stalls at awareness events.
  • Befriending: Spare an hour or two to meet up with people with dementia who are lonely, isolated or want a little company.
  • Buddy Peer Support: If you are a person living well with dementia, could you spare a little time when required to meet with someone newly diagnosed and try to find their way with their dementia journey? You could share your experience and guide them.
  • Carer Buddy Support: If you are or were you a carer for someone with dementia, could you spare time to talk to carers of newly diagnosed dementia patients and offer support/guidance and a friendly ear?
  • Recruitment: are you a person living with dementia who could form part of our interview panel whenever we need to recruit? Ensure that we recruit the right person for the right job.
  • Computer skills: Offer an hour or two to help people with dementia to access information and advice from one of the hub’s computers.
  • Reception: Help manage the front door and point people in the right direction. The hub will have many things going on and different rooms, like a dementia-friendly community café and room hire bookings, so helping to navigate people is crucial.

From all volunteers, the hub requires:

  • Two references and proof of identity.
  • Completion of a criminal record check in line with the legal requirements. A criminal record will not necessarily stop you from being able to carry out this role.
  • Appropriate learning will be required at the start, followed by periodic refreshers. You will be supported with this.

In return, the hub will:

  • Welcome, value and respect you.
  • Provide training and ongoing supervision.
  • Provide access to learning, development and engagement opportunities for volunteers.

Ready to give back and make a change in the life of someone living with dementia? Sign-up and become a volunteer at the Coventry Dementia Partnership Hub with our online form.

For more information about the Coventry Dementia Partnership Hub, visit our website

Published: Wednesday, 14th June 2023

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