Buses on Demand scheme in Coventry completes its first ride!

Published Tuesday, 04 May 2021

A new type of public transport is being trialled at the University of Warwick and surrounding areas.

A 'Buses on Demand' bus

Users register for the service and then can use an app to ask the vehicle to pick them up and take them where they want to go without set routes or bus stops. Along the route the minibus may pick up and drop off other users, which the algorithm in the app/vehicle constantly updates, to make most efficient use of the vehicle.

More information about Buses on Demand.

To celebrate the launch rides are free for a limited period once you have registered. Make sure you sign up and have a go.

This is just another in the range of public transport solutions being trialled to help reduce the car journeys/emissions in and around Coventry.

Coventry City Council