Active Schools Challenge hits 8,000 entries

Published Thursday, 11 February 2021

The Go Parks: Active Schools Challenge has hit 8,000 entries in just 10 days of launching.

Go Parks Schools Giveaway

Over 100 schools are taking part and are in competition to win sporting prizes. 

With 41 parks across the city – some with multiple QR code banners and posters – the challenge continues to provide a safe, yet fun way for all households in Coventry to get active while adhering to local guidelines.

Each QR code scan helps a school of choice to gain more points in the hope of winning sports equipment.

Social media interaction has been fantastic and schools are putting in a huge effort with everything from videos of teachers rapping about the challenge to photo collages of students taking part being sent to Coventry Sport.

This week also saw Triple Point Tuesday as the Flash Challenge, resulting in a record day of entries. 

While the Active Schools Challenge is based on physical activity, other educational topics are being incorporated too. Last week was Art Week as a celebration of Coventry’s title as City of Culture, while this week’s theme was poetry. Students were challenged to write a poem or piece of creative writing about their local park. 

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Coventry City Council